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                                     is a  commercial restaurant and  event venue on the coast of California. I based the design of this restaurant on the curve and form of the waves off the coast. The curving shape of the restaurant roof-line and the curving glass on the front of the building are unique characteristics.  On the interior of the restaurant has elegant elements of marble, custom copper doors and a unique glass Sushi Bar. 

Deep Salt Restaurant

Sarah Thatcher

Interior Designer 

                                   is a  beautiful residence based on the ancient Greek columns and has many levels of entertaining fun within the 3 story residence. The Master bedroom overlooks the luxurious garden space and offers true sanctuary. The different levels of patio space allow for intimate gatherings to enjoy the temperate air. 

The Bacio Residence

the Henderson Residence

                                    is beautiful a 3 bedroom, 3 bath home that was created with all the requirements of ADA accessibility in mind. The ease of

accessibility between indoor and outdoor living space creates a harmonious and relaxing residence. Multiple patterns and colors creates a vibrant atmosphere for creativity and enjoyment.  

Lupin Bloomst


                    was designed as a  creative expression for a restaurant within a greenhouse. The element of the living greenhouse flows throughout the restaurant in the curving of the flower light fixtures and the elements of a living, growing structure that nourishes the body and soul. 


-Residential landscape plot plan using the native plants of North Carolina on a severe sloping plain from 143* to 132*.

-Unique fireplace design showing the cross section of the inner workings of the fireplace and the utility aspect of it. 

-The redesign of the commercial building historic building showcases a new design and logo for a new restaurant. 

Misc. AutoCad Projects